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The last months haven’t been easy for Natus Vincere G2A, but they were very intensive. We’ve shaped a new team and have already made a change to it. The guys have begun the training process and played their first matches. Several tiresome events and bootcamps are behind, but Natus Vincere has no time to relax. Our line-up will soon face a new challenge: the Born to Win have been invited to the seventh season of DreamLeague!

This is not the first time that Na`Vi are among the participants of the “Dream tournament.” Our players have attended numerous events of the series and made it to the final. On the eve of the online stage of DreamLeague, we’ve prepared an article dedicated to our performances in the series!

The Born to Win at DreamLeague events

The history of Natus Vincere at DreamLeague began back in November 2013, when the first season of the League began. It was titled Kick-Off Season. The organizers were DreamHack and ASUS ROG. Initially, they wanted to create a well-known league of European and American teams. The prize pool was quite solid for the time – $ 50 000 – and attracted the attention of both viewers and pro players. The organizers managed to arrange the event for the most prominent teams of the time.

Obviously, Na`Vi was among the participants and went to Sweden to encounter such teams as Fnatic.EU, Team Liquid, Alliance, and Evil Geniuses. Only four teams were to advance to the playoff. The tension was increasing, but our players proved that they can cope the stress: in the final stage of the competition, they were defeated only in one game of the series. Natus Vincere returned home as champions!

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