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We are excited to announce that we are back in business with Dota2. We welcome the reigning runner-up of the recent Valve Major, the artists formerly known as “The Greeks”, to the mousesports family.

It’s been a while since mousesports took to the lanes of Dota 2 and we are thrilled to be back with this new lineup. Following their miraculous run in Boston which saw them capture the hearts of Dota Fans around the world with their plays and sheer passion, the team decided to continue their path of success with mousesports – at the upcoming major in Kiev and far beyond.

(GRE) Omar Mohammad “Madara” Dabachach (Position 1)
(GRE) Dimitrios “ThuG” Plivouris (Position 2)
(GRE) Charalampos “Skylark” Zafeiriou (Position 3)
(GRE) Verros “MaybeNextTime” Apostolos (Position 4/5)
(GRE) Georgios “SsaSpartan” Giannakopolous (Team Captain; Position 4/5)
(GRE) Mike “Madao” Chatzialexiou (Team Manager)
(GRE) Ioannis “conman” Theodoridis (Coach)
(GBR) Allen “bonkers” Cook (Analyst)

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